SCOR Launches Vitae Liver Enzymes


Liver disease, nicknamed a “silent killer,” is a dysfunction affecting all or part of the liver – an essential organ to keep our body healthy by metabolizing and storing nutrients, purifying the blood, and producing proteins. SCOR is pleased to announce the launch of the Vitae Liver Enzymes Risk Calculator, a new addition to the Group’s biometric risk calculator series that aims to expand protection coverage to people with cancer and other diseases.


Rising Incidence of Hepatic Diseases

All around the world, we are seeing alarming signs of increasing hepatic diseases, which are caused by poor diet, lack of physical activity, and excessive alcohol consumption, the primary risk factor for cirrhosis. Lifestyle habits which lead to obesity and metabolic disorders promote hepatic steatosis (NASH), a disorder characterized by the accumulation of fat in liver cells.

Chronic viral hepatitis is also a major cause of cirrhosis. Mainly two viruses are responsible for 90% of chronic viral hepatitis. These viruses may enter the human body in several ways, including drug use, tattooing, acupuncture, piercing, sexual contact, and, although very rarely, breastfeeding.

Hepatitis C (HCV), which accounts for 70% of chronic liver disease, affects an estimated 2,5% of the global population (170 million) and among them, an estimated 58 million people have chronic hepatitis C virus infection according to the World Health Organization. The number is rapidly increasing with 1.5 million new infections occurring per year, killing 290,000 people worldwide.

Hepatitis B (HBV), another leading cause of liver disease that kills nearly 820,000 each year, is 10 times more contagious than Hepatitis C and a hundred times more infectious than HIV/AIDS (The Institute Pasteur). WHO estimates 240 million people are chronically infected with this virus.

Despite those high risks, most chronic liver disease carriers can still expect to live a long and full life given access to successful treatments and healthy lifestyles. SCOR’s new risk calculator helps fill the protection gap by offering more accurate and data-based risk assessments.


Introducing Vitae Liver Enzymes Risk Calculator

The addition of Vitae Liver Enzymes calculator to SCOR’s signature Vitae series showcases the group’s continuous commitment to extend coverage to high-risk individuals. This API-based program can be easily implemented with our insurance partners’ digital underwriting solutions. The solution is also integrated into SOLEM, SCOR's online underwriting and risk assessment guideline.

“I am very pleased with this new addition to our expanding Vitae series, another milestone of our commitment to demonstrate SCOR’s philosophy of inclusive underwriting. Liver diseases affect millions of people every day. It is our honor to help them by increasing their chance of obtaining the insurance coverage they deserve,” said Manuel Plisson, Chief Underwriting Transfomation Officer.

“I am thrilled with our squad’s incredible ability to build and add a new API service to the Vitae series. The pace of delivery is fast, and the synergy is amazing. Digital inclusive underwriting solutions are evolving rapidly to adapt to the ever-changing landscape. I am so proud to contribute to the launch of these solutions and make a positive impact together,” said Gabriel Manolache, Vitae API models Solution Owner.

“Although liver disease does not appear in the Top 10 causes of death worldwide, the medical fraternity believes this may be greatly underestimated today. With the underlying epidemic of Type 2 diabetes, sometimes called diabesity, liver health is one of the critical topics for public health experts and our industry. Irrespective of its various causes, eventual manifestations of liver disease are in the form of liver cirrhosis or liver cancer, and these conditions primarily drive mortality associated with liver diseases. With Vitae Liver Enzymes, our goal is to accurately assess progression risk for these conditions and offer inclusive terms to potential customers,” said Sonal Bagul, R&D Medical advisor.


For more information, contact your local SCOR representatives or our Vitae experts:
Manuel Plisson, Chief Underwriting Transfomation Officer
Antoine Moll, Head of Biometric Risk Calculators
Valentine Sarrazin, Junior Data Analyst
Gabriel Manolache, Vitae API models Solution Owner


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