SCOR’s Biological Age Model helps people live healthier with each step

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SCOR draws upon a wealth of robust clinical data and superior analytics to develop solutions that give back to society, empowering consumers to live healthier and longer.

With this mission in mind, two SCOR actuaries with innovative mindsets and a deep understanding of advanced data analytics capabilities collaborated to create the Biological Age Model (BAM) and the Good Life app in 2018. BAM utilizes wearable data to compute a user’s “Biological Age” based on an evidence-based model for both mortality and morbidity risks.

The BAM algorithm is at the heart of the Good Life app developed by SCOR/ReMark. It works as a powerful engine to incorporate users’ wearable data and track their physical activity to reduce their Biological Age, while the Good Life app engages users and encourages them to create and keep healthier habits – a great combination of advanced data analytics and award-winning user journey design.

Since its debut, Good Life/BAM has grown in popularity throughout Asia, with further geographical expansion planned in the near future.



Collaboration of reinsurer and insurers to make a positive impact on people and society

Collaboration and partnerships have been key throughout the Bam/Good Life journey. Thibault Antoine and Vincent Shi, two co-founders of the program, talk about their collaboration and successful partnership with their client companies:

“We knew SCOR could develop a great solution as we have massive experience data and analytics capabilities to leverage. But we also wanted to build a health and wellness app that will engage with the end users in a fun and positive way. And this is when Vincent came up with the idea of Good Life,” says Thibault. Vincent continues: “We partner with like-minded insurance companies who believe in the value of investing in their customers’ health. It takes years to build a successful program. We are committed to the long-term.”

For our clients, the hard work is paying off and they’re clearly seeing that BAM/Good Life is having a positive impact on their business and clients.

“Live Young app has opened new opportunities for us to expand our protection coverage. To our delight, many users are using their health rewards to help others. We are proud that our app is making tangible benefits to the local communities,” says Chi Wai Ngai, Chief Marketing Officer, BOC Life.

“BAM/Good Life really delivers behavioral improvement to people. Our staff and agents love this tool. Today, BAM has become a regular element embedded in our agency channel’s training, contests, and promotion,” comments Eva Chen, Head of Wellness & Healthcare Planning, Nan Shan Life.

Success of BAM/Good Life truly reflects SCOR’s core belief that (re)insurers have both responsibility and ability to protect and enrich the health and wellness of people and society.



Chi Wai Ngai

"We are proud that our app is making tangible benefits to the local communities.”

Chi Wai Ngai, Chief Marketing Officer, BOC Life


“BAM/Good Life really delivers behavioral improvement to people.”

Eva Chen, Head of Wellness & Healthcare Planning, Nan Shan Life

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To learn more about BAM, visit SCOR Biological Age Model | SCOR

To learn more about Good Life, visit Good Life health & activity tracking app - ReMark (


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