Sharing Expertise on Respiratory Diseases

SCOR Global Life recently held two events on respiratory diseases to share our insights and technical expertise with our clients.

Over 120 clients attended the 37th Medical Symposium on chronic respiratory disorders in Paris, introduced by Gilles Thivant, head of the French Market for SCOR Global Life, and hosted by Dominique Bruneau-Dansan and our Medical Officers Drs. Christophe Genel and Xuân-Viêt Pham.
Our guest, Professor Daniel Dusser, head of the Respiratory Medicine department and the Cardio-Respiratory unit at Cochin Port-Royal Hospital, and a Professor at Paris V René Descartes University, offered insights on epidemiological data on asthma and Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (COLD). Clients discussed the impact on both medical underwriting and claims.
In Cologne, SCOR hosted a Campus for Underwriting event that focused on asthma, COLD, sleep-apnea and lung-cancer. Our Associate Medical Directors Dr. Stephan Becher, Dr. Daniel Krause, Dr. Alexander Lorscheidt and our Senior Underwriter Stephanie Geßner hosted the interactive sessions with our clients’ underwriters. 

SCOR offers a wide-range of trainings and seminars for its clients – whether they are in underwriting, actuarial, risk, claims, finance, or general management.
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