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SCOR confirms the accuracy of the vote count for resolutions 4 and 5 approved during the AGM of April 26, 2019

In response to the information that has appeared in the press regarding a request to recount the votes for resolutions 4 and 5 approved by the Combined General Meeting of SCOR shareholders on April 26, 2019, which the activist fund CIAM claims to have made but which neither SCOR nor BNP Paribas Securities Services has received to date, SCOR has taken the step of verifying the results of these resolutions.

A recount of the votes was conducted by BNP Paribas Securities Services on June 18, 2019, in the presence of a judicial officer (huissier de justice).

Following this recount, SCOR fully confirms the vote results for resolutions 4 and 5 concerning the remuneration of the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

SCOR regrets that the activist fund CIAM continues to cast doubt on the integrity of the SCOR group.


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