SCOR GLOBAL LIFE supports OnePath in Australia to simplify the insurance application experience

At SCOR Global Life we believe the time has come to not only reduce the number of questions asked in the Life Insurance application process, but to also improve the way we ask them.

Our subsidiary, Remark, studied 10,000 customers in 16 key Life markets to further develop our understanding of customer wants and needs. Our partnership with OnePath, a leading life insurance provider in Australia, reflects our joint dedication to innovation and to building better solutions for customers.


OnePath has succeeded in delivering customers a simpler and faster underwriting experience by utilising the behavioural economics insights and analytics developed by SCOR Global Life. This has resulted in an improved application layout, simple language, and reduced medical jargon allowing customers to complete their application with confidence in a way that aligns with how they view their health. Technology and advanced analytics make the system not only responsive, but smart and efficient. This helps deliver a simplified process that requires customers to answer significantly fewer questions.


In addition, OnePath and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) worked together to incorporate machine learning techniques and advanced analytics into this program. OnePath and UTS were given industry recognition with success at the 2018 BigInsights Data & AI Innovation Awards, where they were presented with the awards for Best Industry Application of Data Analytics and Best Industry Application of AI. 


OnePath’s underwriting technology is powered by Adviser Connect, a platform that provides the customer with flexibility to share sections of the application for completion at times that best suit them, providing a rich, responsive, user-friendly experience on any device.  


At SCOR Global Life we are passionate about collaborating with our clients and partners to deliver next generation solutions.  Dion Russell, CEO of SCOR Global Life in Australia and New Zealand, commented, “We are proud to have had the opportunity to work alongside OnePath and we congratulate them on the launch of their new solution that simplifies the customer’s journey.”