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SCOR publishes its first ESG report, striving towards sustainable and socially responsible development

SCOR announces the publication of its first report dedicated to the socially responsible management of its assets. The 2016 ESG Report is prepared in compliance with Article 173 of the French law on energy transition for green growth.

The 2016 ESG Report sets out:
  • SCOR’s ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) principles and approach;
  • the Group’s investment philosophy; 
  • the application of ESG criteria to the Group’s asset management;
  • the climate risk management implemented by SCOR.
To access the 2016 ESG Report, click here
As an institutional investor with assets of EUR 19.3 billion as at 31 March 2017, SCOR is committed to applying environmental, social and governance criteria in order to ensure sustainable and socially responsible development.
Denis Kessler, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of SCOR, comments: “Risks linked to climate change fall into the category of collective risks and require the involvement of all those concerned. Managing them pre-supposes mobilization, dialogue and cooperation. The SCOR group has been committed to these issues for the past fifteen years and strives, at its level and with its resources, to develop in a sustainable and socially responsible way. In a world that is constantly becoming more risky and uncertain, insurance and reinsurance have a leading role to play in terms of working towards ESG development and awareness. Environmental, social and governance considerations are an integral of part of the identity and culture of the SCOR group.”


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