SCOR reaffirms its commitment to the Geneva Association statement on climate resilience and adaptation

A member of the Geneva Association, SCOR is proud to reaffirm its commitment to the Association’s statement on climate resilience and adaptation.

On 19 November 2015, the Geneva Association, a unique platform for dialogue between insurance industry leaders, announced that this commitment is now shared by 68 insurers and reinsurers, up from 64 in 2014 and 54 in 2009.
Denis Kessler, CEO and Chairman of SCOR, is co-Chairman of the Geneva Association’s “Working Group on Extreme Event and Climate Risk”, alongside Shuzo Sumi (Chairman of the Board of Tokio Marine). In this capacity, Mr Kessler particularly wishes to share the following part of the Association’s press release of 19 November 2015:
“(Re)insurance performs a vital societal and economic function by signalling the price of risk to raise awareness, underwriting risks and redistributing the cost both geographically and financially around the world. It also contributes a wealth of risk management and disaster reduction knowledge and experience to governments, policymakers, businesses and individuals as they seek to manage the ever-increasing risks posed by climate change”.