Ticket for Change, winner of the Google Impact Challenge 2015

Ticket for Change, an initiative that SCOR has supported since its creation, has won the Google Impact Challenge 2015 in Paris. This award is designed to promote an “innovative project that may have a positive impact on the world”, thanks to the EUR 500,000 prize and the support and assistance of Google staff.

Ticket for change supports young “change entrepreneurs” seeking to solve a societal problem (access to healthcare, education and housing, the protection of the environment, and so on), by developing a project with a sustainable economic model. The association aims to “turn dreamers into actors”, by forging the missing link that enables them to move from a wish to an idea, and from an idea to action. Dynamic and inventive, it uses varied and original methods: a 12-day tour of France in 2015 that brought 58 entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs into contact with “inspiration, introspection and action”; a MOOC entitled “Becoming a change entrepreneur”, created in partnership with HEC and followed by 19,000 people, leading to the emergence of 320 projects; and support and assistance for projects throughout their first year, notably through a mentoring system. 
The SCOR group is a faithful partner of Ticket for change. SCOR is also partnered with Stagiaires sans frontières (Interns without borders), one of the first projects to come out of Ticket for change’s 2014 French tour. As part of this project, SCOR has employed three interns in 2015, each of whom spends one day per week working at an association.