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Mining is an extremely complex industry, encompassing diverse ore extraction and processing/treatment technologies as well as logistical infrastructures, with operations often located in challenging environments. Understanding these specific challenges is a key factor in terms of offering appropriate insurance solutions.

Since its creation, SCOR has continuously contributed to the global evolution of the mining insurance sector, becoming a recognized leader throughout price cycles (insurance and commodities).

In a time of energy transition, miners have a strong role to play by providing - in a sustainable way - critical commodities that will drive a low carbon economy, and SCOR intends to remain the preferred partner for many clients and intermediaries around the world.

We use our expertise and experience to recognize our clients’ achievements and assess their continuous improvements regarding safety and risk management standards. We also analyze their specific needs and requirements in order to create and deliver tailor-made solutions.

Our mining underwriters are based in Paris, Singapore, Toronto, New York and London. Some are mining engineers with experience in the field, and/or risk management specialists.

Our offering goes beyond risk transfer, encompassing a wide range of services:

  • Risk assessment visits and loss prevention recommendations, designed to spread best practices and the lessons learned from our wealth of experience
  • Fair and pragmatic claims handling by a specialized team – which includes the underwriter – and timely settlements
  • Modeling capabilities to assess worst-case scenarios, from natural perils to man-made risks
  • Specific technical seminars and “SCOR Campus”conferences

Risk appetite

  • All commodities (including fertilizers)
  • Aboveground & underground mines
  • From single-site operations to the world’s leading multinational mining corporations
  • Direct & ‘quasi-direct’ participations
  • Large primary stretch, quota share participations or primary and excess through our Team at Lloyd’s
  • ESG performance review forms part of our underwriting approach


Ability to provide direct insurance through Lloyd's and SCOR licensed entities, including Australia, Canada, EU, UK and USA.


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Phillipe CsakvaryPhilippe Csakvary has close to 20 years of underwriting experience on corporate property risks. He has exclusively dedicated his underwriting activities to Mining property since 2011 and now heads the Mining underwriting practice for SCOR globally. He has spent most of his career in the insurance industry in France and Asia Pacific, starting out as a loss control engineer for AGF then Allianz. He then joined SCOR's Australian branch in 2002 as a property underwriter. In 2004 he moved back to Paris, where he dealt with downstream energy and mining property risks. Philippe holds an undergraduate from the engineering school INSA Centre Val de Loire (industrial safety) and a master's degree in risk management from the Panthéon-Sorbonne University.



David CosseratDavid Cosserat has been with SCOR since 2009, with experience spanning Oil & Gas underwriting (Singapore), Treaty underwriting and legal entity management (Sydney). David has been in charge of Energy at SCOR Specialty Insurance since 2018, covering Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas as well as Mining globally. He started in reinsurance in 2004 with a major broking firm as an Energy risk engineer, client executive and placement broker. David holds a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the Ecole des Mines d'Alès.