Attempted fraud and business impersonation of SCOR



Updated on December 11, 2023


SCOR has been informed of fraudulent practices by individuals impersonating SCOR, using its logo and the identity of (former) employees, to extort money from individuals or businesses via emails. 

Under this scam, an individual or business receives a fraudulent invoice from “SCOR Insurance” for payment of premium. There is no SCOR Group company called "SCOR Insurance". Fraudsters are also capable of sending fake insurance policies to support payment of premiums.

Identified domain names used by the fraudsters are:,,, and, and the email used by the fraudsters is

SCOR urges you to be extremely vigilant and not to respond without prior verification to any payment request made by e-mail, telephone or social networks. The aim of these fraudsters is to improperly collect personal data, or to solicit a bank transfer or electronic payment.

You can also file a report on the dedicated page of the Federal Trade Commission website
If you fall victim to a scam, don’t hesitate to report it by filing a complaint on the Federal Bureau of Investigation website.
Please see SCOR’s Fraud Awareness and Prevention Information at this link: Fraud Awareness and Prevention | SCOR


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