Attempted fraud and business impersonation of SCOR


SCOR has been informed of fraudulent practices by individuals impersonating SCOR, using its logo, the identity of a (former) employee, to extort money from individuals or businesses via emails. 

Under this scam, an individual or business receive a fraudulent invoice from “SCOR Insurance” for payment of premium. There is no SCOR Group company called "SCOR Insurance".

Identified domain names used by the fraudsters are:, and and the email used by the fraudsters is

SCOR urges you to be extremely vigilant and not to respond without prior verification to any payment request made by e-mail, telephone or social networks. The aim of these fraudsters is to improperly collect personal data, or to solicit a bank transfer or electronic payment.

You can also file a report on the on the dedicated page of the Federal Trade Commission website
If you fall victim to a scam, don’t hesitate to report it by filing complaint on the Federal Bureau of Investigation website.
Please see SCOR’s Fraud Awareness and Prevention Information at this link: Fraud Awareness and Prevention | SCOR


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