Looking Forward

SCOR’s 2023 Activity Report 



2023 proved to be a defining moment in SCOR’s history, marked by the death of Denis Kessler, who was at the company’s helm for two decades; the appointment of a new leadership team, who is confident in the Group’s future; and a new strategic plan that sets the course for the coming years.  

At the same time, record full year results prove that the Group is moving in the right direct, building momentum while staying true to the Art and Science of Risk.  

Backed by the expertise of our people and alongside our clients and partners, SCOR is moving forward as we prepare to become the reinsurer of tomorrow with a strong vision and concrete solutions for some of the biggest challenges facing societies today.

Throughout SCOR’s 2023 Activity Report, Looking Forward, our teams discuss SCOR’s commitment to driving value creation under the Forward 2026 strategic plan, as well as the tangible steps we’re already taking to do so.  

The report also underlines the breadth of our employees’ expertise: spanning underwriting and claims management, actuarial science, risk modeling, data science, and more, SCOR’s experts are partnering with clients to bring innovative solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing societies today.  


Thierry Léger

“The current reinsurance landscape is complex, shaped by persistent challenges and evolving risk trends. Looking ahead, these dynamics will only continue to accelerate, calling us to adapt and stand up to a world of expanding risk. 


“At SCOR, we are preparing ourselves for the challenges of the future, while remaining open to opportunities to build a better tomorrow.”


Thierry Léger, SCOR CEO  


We invite you to download the full report and find extended interviews here


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