Organizational changes at SCOR Global P&C

In a message to clients today, SCOR Global P&C CEO Jean-Paul Conoscente announces some organizational changes within the Business Unit.

After absorbing the impacts of COVID, SCOR Global P&C approaches 2021 with a positive outlook and is making a number of changes to better accompany this anticipated improving market.
We aim at being more agile to faster adapt to the evolutions of markets with different levels of socioeconomic maturity, varied reinsurance market dynamics and increasing local regulatory pressures. In this context, we have decided to reinforce our regional structures to promote stronger regional views across all the P&C functions and platforms and to tailor our global strategies to the local realities.
This has led us to create a new position of P&C Regional Head - of EMEA and the Americas respectively - on top of our existing APAC organization, and to re-organize the reinsurance teams into four different regions with more homogenous client needs, i.e. Europe, North America, APAC Mature markets, and Fast-Growth markets. 
On a global scale, the changes within the Reinsurance Treaty management team also include the creation of a Global Chief Client Officer to reinforce the internal infrastructure around client management. Other transversal organizations are being strengthened to back this reorganization and to support SCOR Global P&C’s focus areas for further development and improvement.
With these changes we want to offer our clients the solutions and the services that matter to them, while building more focused synergies among our local teams. 

SCOR Global P&C has chosen to capitalize on its deep talent pool to foster internal promotions, which have been effective since October 1st:

Regional Heads, in close collaboration with the Global function heads: 

  • Stuart McMurdo is promoted to Regional Head - EMEA (encompassing Europe and MEA), in addition to his current role of Regional CEO for EMEA for Specialty Insurance.
  • John Jenkins is promoted to Regional Head - Americas (encompassing North and South America), in addition to his current role of CEO of Reinsurance for the Americas.

Reinsurance organization, under the leadership of the CEO Michel Blanc and the Deputy CEO Umberto Gavazzi: 

  • Europe: Anne-Marie Cical is promoted Regional CUO with Charles Bartlett as Deputy Regional CUO.
  • North America: Nick Nudo is promoted Regional CUO.
  • APAC Mature market: David Johnstone is promoted Regional CUO.
  • Fast Growth markets: Eric Jenck is promoted Regional CUO with Pierre Favennec as Deputy Regional CUO. This new region encompasses Middle East and Africa led by Hedi Hachicha; Latin America and the Caribbean led by James Grieve; and APAC Emerging markets led by Mukul Kishore.
  • In addition to these regional changes, Frank Coglianese is promoted to Global Chief Client Officer.

Within the P&C Partners, Pricing & Modelling and other transversal organizations: 

  • Benoit Liot is promoted to Chief Retrocession Officer.
  • Doug Lacoss is promoted to Global Head of Pricing & Modelling Designate.
  • Guilhem Horvath succeeds Pierre Favennec as Head of Strategy, Business development and Marketing.

These changes will allow us to deepen our client relationships and continue to work even more closely with all our partners, while strengthening our organization worldwide.

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