SCOR to develop life insurance product concepts with CancerCARE

SCOR Life & Health in the US and INTERLINK Care Management, Inc. (CancerCARE) are announcing an innovative program to develop a concierge-style CancerCARE program for life insurance policyholders.


The companies have executed a Memorandum of Understanding outlining the terms for the design and implementation to occur in 2024.


As a leading global life & health reinsurer, SCOR is focused on protecting lives and inspiring healthy living by managing risk and using innovation to create better value for our clients and policyholders. Through our health and wellness initiatives we create innovative solutions to help policyholders in the areas of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and mental health, by focusing on prevention, early detection and treatment.

CancerCARE is one of the nation’s largest cancer management programs used by large employers, captives, and TPAs as an embedded service. This first-of-its-kind collaboration brings together the risk management expertise of SCOR and the accumulated knowledge of CancerCARE in emerging technologies and treatments, clinical trials, Center of Excellence (COE) access, pre-guideline care, NCCN Guideline® care, and gene and cellular therapy to ensure the best cancer outcomes for life insurance policyholders.

The toll that a cancer diagnosis takes on a person and their family can be devastating. Navigating a diagnosis while trying to understand treatment plans, health insurance coverage, and where to seek specialized care is extremely difficult. By working together, we can minimize the cancer risk for policyholders and seek the best outcomes for newly diagnosed cancer patients.

“The partnership with CancerCARE is an important step for the life & health insurance industry to begin addressing cancer from a holistic perspective,” comments Richard De Sousa, Executive Vice President, SCOR U.S. Markets, Growth and Development. “Cancer treatments and new opportunities for cures are emerging almost daily, and we believe that CancerCARE can help save lives by providing policyholders with education,encouragement, and assistance in accessing treatment options that can positively impact their longevity.”

John Van Dyke, CEO of INTERLINK COE Networks & Programs and CancerCARE, says, “A cancer diagnosis that was once considered terminal may now be cureable, but access to these cures may require an experienced cancer team to help guide the patient through their cancer journey. The partnership with SCOR will help us expand the the reach of CancerCARE to more people and help them to better navigate the healthcare system.”

Through the paired strengths of SCOR and CancerCARE, life & health insurance clients will have access to a customized product concept that is tailored to the life insurance market and has been proven to be effective at extending and saving lives.

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