Ten Reasons to Quit Smoking Now

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1. You will physically begin to look better

When you stop smoking, blood flow increases, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the skin which quickly improves complexion. Over time, the unsightly yellowing of fingers and nails will diminish and there will be a marked reduction in the risk of gum disease, mouth infections, and even tooth loss that can spoil your smile.  

2. You will find greater strength and endurance

After only a few weeks, you will notice improvements in how you physically feel completing daily activities, regardless of your previous level of strength and endurance. This includes a reduced sense of breathlessness during physical exertion.

3. You will enjoy surroundings that no longer have a lingering tobacco odor

Your breath, your hair, your home, your car, and your clothes, will all smell better!  Trust us, your non-smoking coworkers, friends, and family will all appreciate this!

4. You can say “goodbye” to your ‘Smoker’s Cough’

You will breathe easier during the day as the damage to your airways reverses. There is less need to cough to clear out those smoking-related chemicals and toxins. You will also notice a decrease in phlegm in your throat and lungs and you will reduce your risk of acute and chronic bronchitis.

5. You can decrease (or eliminate) your risk of developing Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

When you stop smoking, you rapidly decrease the risk of COPD by 80%!  This disease, quite common among smokers, is associated with a generally poor quality of life and prognosis.

6. You will strengthen your immune system

You will rapidly begin to increase circulation, improve oxygen levels, and reduce inflammation, reversing the negative impacts on your immune system. An improved immune system enhances your ability to fight off infections, including respiratory tract infections, with immediate effect and in the long-term.

7. You will have a longer life expectancy with a higher quality of life

While the effect is not immediate, those who stop smoking decrease their risk of future cardiac events over time such as stroke, myocardial infarction, which is the death of a part of the cardiac muscle, and even death. The risk of such events can decrease by up to 70% versus active smokers the longer one is tobacco-free. Life expectancy is increased and the risk impairment stemming from cardiovascular incidents is also decreased.

8. You can improve your blood sugar regulation if you are diabetic

In the absence of nicotine, the body becomes more reactive to insulin, thereby diminishing the risk and progression of type 2 diabetes.  Furthermore, smoking and diabetes together presents a serious risk for cardiovascular complications including stroke, heart attack, limb amputation, and death.

9. You reduce your cancer risk for you and your entourage

Stopping smoking will reduce your cancer risk by multiple percentage points that increase over time.  Even smokers who have already been diagnosed with certain types of cancer benefit from quitting, as they become more receptive to treatment and are better able to recover.  For the smoker, their families, and the community, quitting smoking is the best investment in cancer prevention.

10. You give your Life insurer greater flexibility to take a more lenient underwriting approach, over time

Most insurers will review your Smoker Premium as early as twelve months after you have stopped smoking, which can result in financial savings. Depending on your Insurer and type of policy, smokers are charged a Smoker’s Premium at the time of application. A smoker could wind up paying up to 50% more in monthly premiums for the basic rate, compared to a non-smoker as well as incur other smoking-related and potentially costly premiums and exclusions.


Today and every day, SCOR encourages smokers to give quitting a chance and reap the benefits, both immediate and over time. With so much to gain, it is never too late. Why not start today?  

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