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Parkinson's disease, a complex and debilitating neurological disorder, has become increasingly prevalent in recent years, significantly impacting the lives of individuals and their families. As a progressive condition with no known cure, it brings a range of motor and non-motor symptoms that can lead to severe disability. The financial burden associated with Parkinson's disease, particularly for those diagnosed at younger ages, highlights the need for some form of insurance, whether it be Critical Illness (CI) or Income Protection (IP).

In this paper, we will delve into the multifaceted nature of Parkinson's disease, examining its clinical characteristics, progression, and the profound impact it has on the quality of life of those affected. We will also explore the importance of critical illness claims as a financial safety net for individuals confronting this chronic condition, shedding light on the need for awareness, understanding, and adequate support systems to ensure a better quality of life for those living with it.

Some, including healthcare professionals and people with the condition, call it Parkinson’s disease, or PD for short. However, the UK charity Parkinson’s UK call it Parkinson’s as the word “disease” may sound negative. Therefore, we shall refer to it as Parkinson’s throughout this paper.

By delving into the medical, social, and financial aspects of Parkinson's, this paper aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the challenges faced by individuals and their families.


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