SCOR-PSE Chair on macroeconomic risk presents the 2020 Young Researcher Award to Ludwig Straub, Assistant Professor at Harvard, and Robert Ulbricht, Assistant Professor at Boston College

Young Researcher Award


The SCOR-PSE Chair, created in 2018 by the SCOR Foundation for Science and the Paris School of Economics (PSE), has presented, during the SCOR-PSE Chair Online Lecture and Junior Research Prize Talk, the Young Researcher Award to Ludwig Straub and Robert Ulbricht, respectively Assistant Professor at Harvard and Assistant Professor at Boston College. The award is in recognition of their work on Endogenous Uncertainty and Credit Crunches. The judging panel was headed by Gilles Saint-Paul, professor at ENS and PSE, and scientific director of the Chair.

The award was presented following a virtual lecture, during which Jesús Fernández-Villaverde, professor at the University of Pennsylvania, gave a particularly notable talk on the theme of “Simple Rules for a Complex World with Artificial Intelligence”.


André Levy-Lang, chairman of the SCOR Foundation for Science, comments: “This year’s young winners of the SCOR-PSE award have conducted innovative research, both in method and hypothesis, on the relationships between financial institutions and how these relationships may contribute to endogenous growth in systemic risk. Their work is particularly stimulating and promising.”





About the SCOR-PSE Chair


Under the scientific leadership of Gilles Saint-Paul (PSE, ENS) and the executive leadership of Nicolas Dromel (PSE, CNRS), the SCOR-PSE Chair, created in June 2018, aims to promote the development and dissemination of research into macroeconomic risk, in particular rare events and uncertainties that remain difficult to model. It publishes articles, organises an annual conference and gives out the Young Researcher Award each year.


About the SCOR Foundation for Science


The SCOR Corporate Foundation for Science, created in 2011, forms part of the Group’s long-term commitment to research and disseminating knowledge about risk. It promotes and finances research by means of subsidies, awards and conferences. The Scientific Council of the SCOR Corporate Foundation for Science, consisting of renowned scientists from a variety of disciplines, is in charge of determining its orientation in the areas of intervention that may be selected, with regard to the main projects on which it has to decide and its long-term strategy.

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