SCOR supports actuarial science by presenting Actuarial Awards in seven countries in 2018

The 2018 SCOR Actuarial Awards ceremonies were held in seven countries around the world.


The 2018 SCOR Actuarial Awards ceremonies were held in seven countries around the world: Germany (June 5), Singapore (July 30), Sweden (October 12), Spain (November 14), the UK (November 20), Italy (December 11) and France (December 13).


Every year since 1996, SCOR has rewarded the best academic work in the field of actuarial science with annual prizes in several countries throughout the world. These prizes are designed to promote actuarial science, to develop and encourage research in this field, and to contribute to the improvement of risk knowledge and management. The SCOR Actuarial Awards are recognized in the insurance and reinsurance industries as a mark of excellence. The Actuarial Awards in France are supported by the SCOR Corporate Foundation for Science.


The SCOR Actuarial Awards juries are composed of internationally recognized researchers and insurance, reinsurance and finance professionals. The winners are selected for their command of actuarial concepts, the quality of their analytical methods, and the originality of their research in terms of scientific advances and potential practical applications to the world of risk management.


Denis Kessler, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of SCOR, comments: “For more than twenty years, the SCOR Actuarial Awards have rewarded innovative work by young actuaries from around the world. SCOR is proud to support new thinking on risk analysis and management while promoting the emergence and recognition of young talent. These awards reflect SCOR’s long-term commitment to research, and are fully in line with the work of the SCOR Corporate Foundation for Science”.




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Presentation of the SCOR 2018 Actuarial Awards


  • On June 5 in Berlin, Germany, Frieder Knüpling, Chief Risk Officer of SCOR, presented the Actuarial Awards for Germany during the 31st International Congress of Actuaries (ICA 2018). The 2018 winners were Arian Cani of HEC Lausanne, for his thesis Reinsurance and dividend problems in insurance, Markus Binder of the University of Regensburg, for his dissertation, “Foundations of modern regression analysis and application to the analysis of telematics data”, and Markus Haas of the University of Ulm, for his dissertation, “Peer-to-Peer Versicherung im Lichte der Verhaltensökonomik - Simulations studie am Beispiel von Friendsurance(Peer to Peer Insurance using the behavioral economy: simulation study using Friendsurance as example).


  • On July 30 in Singapore, Eric Pooi, Managing Director of SCOR’s Asia-Pacific Hub, presented the Actuarial prize for Asia-Pacific in conjunction with the IRFRC (Insurance Risk and Finance Research Centre) during the annual IRFRC 2018 Conference. The 2018 winners were Martin Eling and Kwangmin Jung, of the University of St Gallen, for their article, “Risk aggregation in non-life insurance: Standard models vs internal models”.


  • On October 12 in Stockholm, Sweden, Svein Børre Solvang, CEO of SCOR Sweden Re, and Malcolm Newman, Managing Director of SCOR’s EMEA Hub, presented the Actuarial prize for Sweden during the annual SCOR Sweden Re conference. The 2018 prize was awarded to Masar Al-Mosawi of Länsförsäkringar, for his dissertation, “An Extension of Generalized Linear Models for Dependent Frequency and Severity”.


  • On November 14 in Madrid, Spain, the Actuarial Awards for Spain & Portugal were presented by Miguel Alferieff, CEO of SCOR Global Life for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and
    Anne-Marie Cical, SCOR Global P&C Market Director, in conjunction with the Actuarial Institutes of Spain and Portugal. The 2018 winners were Inmaculada Peña Sánchez of ICADE Business School, Comillas Pontifical University, Madrid (1st prize), for her dissertation, “Tarificación de microseguros: una aplicación del modelo Tweedie (Micro Insurance Pricing: an application of the Tweedie model) and Jorge Segura Gisbert, José Antonio Alvarez Jareño, José Pavía Miralles and Patricia García Torres of the University of Valencia (2nd prize), for their dissertation, “Detección del riesgo de fuga de clientes de una entidad aseguradora mediante algoritmos de machine learning” (Lapse risk detection in a life insurance company based on machine learning algorithms).


  • On November 20 in London, U.K., Denis Kessler, Chairman & CEO of SCOR, and Chris Daykin, former head of the U.K. Government Actuary’s Department (GAD), presented the U.K. Actuarial Awards. For P&C, the prize went to Peter Watson of the Cass Business School, City University London, for his dissertation, “A graph theoretic approach to the derivation of property loss curves from first principles”. For Life, the winner was Michael McCrea of Queens University Belfast, for his dissertation, “A Conceptual Model for Pricing Health and Life Insurance Using Wearable Technology”.


  • On December 11 in Milan, Italy, Umberto Gavazzi, Deputy CEO of the Reinsurance business unit at SCOR Global P&C, and Alessandra Zorza, Underwriting Manager for SCOR Global Life in Italy, presented the 2018 Italian awards. These went to Francesco Della Corte of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan, and Nicole Sbisà of the University of Trieste, for their respective theses: “Il Life Underwriting Risk e l’utile demografico: un’analisi stocastica comparativa tra i principi local GAAP e la Market Consistent Valuation(Life Underwriting Risk and the profits linked to demographic changes: a comparative stochastic analysis between Local GAAP and Market Consistent Valuation) and “La valutazione dei contratti assicurativi secondo IFRS 17 e confronto con Solvency II” (The evaluation of insurance policies under IFRS 17 and a comparison with Solvency II).


  • On December 13 in Paris, France, Denis Kessler, Chairman & CEO of SCOR, and Philippe Trainar, Director of the SCOR Corporate Foundation for Science, presented the 2018 Actuarial Awards for France, in conjunction with the French Institute of Actuaries. Sarah Kaakai, of the CMAP-Ecole Polytechnique, received the Young Doctors’ prize for her thesis, “Nouveaux paradigmes en dynamique de populations hétérogènes: Modélisation trajectorielle, agrégation, et données empiriques” (New paradigms in heterogeneous population dynamics: Pathwise modeling, Aggregation, and Empirical evidence). The Young Actuaries’ prize was awarded to Rémi Gauville of EURIA for his dissertation, Projection du ratio de solvabilité : des méthodes de machine learning pour contourner les contraintes opérationnelles de la méthode des SdS(Projection of the solvability ratio: machine learning techniques to circumvent the operational constraints of the nested simulations method). Isaac Haik of ENSAE received a special mention for his dissertation, “Text mining et reconnaissance d’écriture appliqués à l’assurance(Text mining and writing recognition applied to insurance).


To read and learn more about the award-winning dissertations and theses, visit SCOR’s site devoted to the Group’s support for actuarial science:


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