Our human capital is our n°1 asset. Development and growth are two of the Group's keywords. We aim to maximise the potential of each employee through a policy based on fairness, integrity and mutual respect.
SCOR on-boarding
A key moment in a career, integration within the Group is an important step that SCOR monitors closely, by tailoring and customizing programs designed to welcome new employees and encourage rapid understanding of the new environment.
SCOR organizes integration seminars and provides online training tools to help new employees to settle into their new jobs. Integration can only be successful through a collective effort, so we are committed to the involvement of all stakeholders: managers, HR teams and new joiners. 
SCOR supports you throughout your career
SCOR is particularly focused on developing the expertise, knowledge and career paths of its employees. In this regard, a whole range of additional facilities has been implemented in order to support and assist employees in their professional development. 
SCOR firmly believes in professional and international mobility. We encourage internal applications across all countries and business units. The development of expertise and professionalism is our best guarantee of success.
SCOR University
SCOR attaches great importance to the maintenance and development of expertise and individual skills. To meet the Group’s training and development needs, a structure called SCOR University has been created.
Through SCOR University the Group ensures a high level of knowledge and the application of best practices, whilst preparing its teams for future challenges. 
SCOR also ensures that its employees update their knowledge in line with the rapid evolution of our activity and business environment.
SCOR University:
  • Committed to the constant development of the knowledge, know-how and skills necessary to advance business
  • Always takes the needs expressed by the employees themselves into consideration
  • Aims to strengthen the “business partner” relationship between management, HR, and employees
  • Consequently uses a single global, common process based on the joint analysis of training needs
  • Aligns all of the training actions throughout the Group, ensuring global access to all training actions, while respecting cultural specificities and local practices.