SCOR's aim, as an independent global reinsurance company, is to develop its Life and P&C business lines, to provide its clients with a broad range of innovative reinsurance solutions and to pursue an underwriting policy founded on profitability, supported by effective risk management and a prudent investment policy, in order to offer its clients an optimum level of security, to create value for its shareholders, and to contribute to the welfare and resilience of Society by helping to protect insureds against the risks they face. 

A responsible reinsurer

SCOR, the world’s 4th largest reinsurer, operates on five continents and carries risks in more than 160 countries. As part of its commitment to sustainability, the Group holds Environmental Management System certifications for increasingly more of its office premises around the world.


Workplace Gender Equality Index
To access the results of the French “Workplace Gender Equality Index”, click here.


Breakdown of SCOR Employees


As a reinsurer, SCOR protects people and assets, safeguarding the resilience of economies and societies impacted by many shocks to which they are increasingly exposed. Helping our fellow citizens to alleviate the negative impact of risks when they occur is embedded in our DNA.




Céline Louvet - 2019 SCOR's Annual Results

The Group also supports numerous external initiatives that promote long-term sustainability for future generations.


In December 2017, SCOR launched a voluntary carbon offset program, which focuses on forest preservation and protection. The program is being carried out with the help of our partner South Pole, a leading provider of sustainability solutions and services.
All SCOR employees were invited to choose between two forest protection projects: one in Zimbabwe and one in Peru. As well as advancing the preservation of forests and the fight against deforestation, both projects also contribute to the development of local communities. 

Following a vote by SCOR employees that exceeded all expectations in terms of participation, the results were split 50/50 between the two projects. The Group therefore decided to split its support equally between them.







#WorkingWellTogether: employees inclusion and wellbeing as a key factor for economic performance
SCOR developed a global inclusion and equal opportunities policy for several years. While it represents a genuine social issue, it is also a true driver of economic performance and helps to promote social responsibility, attracting employees and increasing their loyalty throughout their career path.
The new label #WorkingWellTogether  brings together all SCOR initiatives related to employees inclusion and wellbeing.  It reflects the Group’s commitment to promote employee social responsibility internally and externally and in all forms: equal opportunity, inclusion, respect, loyalty, partnership and team spirit.
Since 2016, The SCOR International Gender Network promotes gender diversity and women empowerment within SCOR on a global scale. Animated by volunteers throughout the Group, the network proposes a range of events and activities, both globally and in each hub, in favor of gender diversity.