SCOR Launches Vitae Lymphoma Risk Calculator


The lymphatic system, a critical part of our immune system and the body’s disease-fighting network, is a crucial function sustaining our day-to-day life. So when people get lymphoma, a cancer affecting this important system, one can imagine the hardships the patients and their loved ones must endure during the long and difficult treatment period. The positive news is that the survival rate for lymphoma has improved in recent years, raising hope for a longer life for survivors. SCOR is pleased to announce the launch of the Vitae Lymphoma Risk Calculator, a new addition to the Group’s biometric risk calculator series that aims to expand protection coverage to people with cancer and other critical diseases.  



Global Trends in Lymphoma Cases and Mortality

Lymphomas are malignant tumors of the lymphatic system, representing almost half of all blood cancers. Globally, the incidence of lymphoma has increased in the past few decades. Lymphoma now ranks as the 11th most diagnosed cancer, with nearly 545,000 new cases, and the 11th leading cause of cancer-related death in 2020, with an estimated 260,000 deaths.

Meanwhile, the prognosis of patients with lymphoma has significantly improved over the past decades, with survival rates exceeding 80% in high-income countries, helped by the latest advances in medical research and new treatments. This advancement has improved the chances of survival for lymphoma patients by reducing the risks of long-term recurrence, secondary malignancies, and cardiovascular side effects. 

Mortality and relapse rates associated with lymphomas depend on several characteristics. One of the most important criteria for prognosis is the type of lymphoma cells involved. The aggressiveness of lymphoma cells, along with the spread of the disease as defined by the tumor stage, may impact short-term mortality. In addition, the age of the patients and the disease-free duration since diagnosis strongly impact mortality.


Introducing Vitae Lymphoma Risk Calculator

The recent addition of the Vitae Lymphoma calculator to SCOR’s signature Vitae series showcases the Group’s continuous commitment to extending coverage to high-risk individuals. 

“I am delighted with the addition of the lymphoma risk calculator to our Vitae series. The latest data available has enabled us to build a more inclusive model for policyholders with a history of lymphoma based on individual data extracted from the SEER database, one of the largest cancer databases. The likelihood of dying from lymphomas decreased from 2000 to 2017, reducing the mortality rate of lymphoma by 35.5 percent1,  and we are happy that we can reflect this good news to our risk calculator,” says Manuel Plisson, Chief Underwriting Transformation Officer. 

“The interface of our Vitae calculator has also been revised to select the most relevant risk factors available to a medical underwriter. Data generated in the risk model allow an individual risk estimation that can lead to justifiable pricing. Importantly, it also allows for broader insurance offers and, as such, stands as a more inclusive underwriting product,” said Antoine Moll, Head of Biometric Risk Calculators. 


This API-based program can be easily implemented with our insurance partners’ digital underwriting solutions. The solution is also integrated into SOLEM, SCOR's online underwriting and risk assessment guidelines.


For more information, contact your local SCOR representatives or our Vitae experts:

Manuel Plisson, Chief Underwriting Transformation Officer

Antoine Moll, Head of Biometric Risk Calculators

Zeynep Kaya, Data Analyst

Joëlle Regard, Senior Life Underwriter 



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1 Updated data on blood cancers - Facts 2020-2021 | By the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society



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