Scrum, Sweat, and Tears: Understanding Rugby in Life Underwriting

Extreme Sports - An Underwriting series


Rugby is an extraordinary sport. Few other sports match the type of excitement, pride, and emotions rugby brings to people. It may be because of the history and culture it represents. Or it could be the high athleticism and bravery of players who run, kick, jump, tackle, and crash, all done with very little protection gear. Despite this high-risk nature of the sport, over 10 million enthusiastic players participate in rugby. To cover such risks those players face, what kind of insurance are available and what risk factors should insurers consider when underwriting them?

In this report, SCOR’s underwriting experts talk about health and life risks associated with professional and amateur rugby players, providing a deeper understanding of how complex and increasing risks should be considered during the professional rugby players’ insurance application process. The analysis also features two fictitious underwriting cases from different markets to give readers a glimpse of how SCOR’s professional underwriters assess cases. While this article does not offer in-depth medical or scientific advice on underwriting-specific cases, we aim to provide readers with essential knowledge and points to consider when underwriting applicants who engage in this exceptional sport. 

We invite you to follow this series as we tour the world of extreme sports, tapping into SCOR’s network of expert insurance professionals – and amateur athletes – whose passion and knowledge allow SCOR to break through common misconceptions and offer a better understanding of the true risks surrounding extreme sports for amateurs, professionals, and – occasionally – even spectators. We will also explore the most recent trends and the implications of new medical developments, predict how a changing climate and other evolving factors might impact these sports.

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