Jacques Vandier

Jacques Vandier, Président d’Honneur de la Macif, s'est éteint le lundi 30 mars 2020 à l’âge de 92 ans.

covid 19 - call to action
Expert views

SCOR’s Executive Committee calls upon organisations and individuals to take immediate action to slow down the spread of COVID-19.

François de Varenne - 2019 SCOR's Annual Results

"In 2019, we successfully concluded the “Vision in Action” strategic plan, delivering on all our objectives. We also released our roadmap for the current plan, “Quantum Leap”. In this highly uncertain economic and financial environment, SCOR Global Investments will focus on delivering a strong and recurring financial contribution. Meanwhile, we are deeply convinced that being a sustainable investor will help us to better manage risks and generate superior long-term returns. We have put sustainability at the heart of our investment strategy."