Covid-19: A call for action

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The true value and purpose of the cover offered by our industry, providing financial resilience and peace-of-mind to households, individuals, and businesses, has never been more apparent than during this historic phenomenon.

At this challenging time, we intend to continue to partner with our clients to offer cover to as many customers as possible, while ensuring that sound risk management decisions are made to ensure fairness across the wider pool.


Spread knowledge, not the virus

share knowledge not the virus


Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, various task forces have been created within SCOR to study the evolution of the epidemic, assess its impact on our book and on the insurance industry, and raise awareness within our company, among our clients, and beyond.



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Back in March, our team in China rapidly developed a totally free insurance information platform, following the initiative from 70 of the country’s largest insurance groups to offer free coverage for people on the front lines of the disease: doctors, nurses, police officers, military personnel, taxi drivers and so on.

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A new SCOR Platform to visualize the evolution of Covid-19

Within the SCOR Knowledge Community, we have the experience and resources necessary to provide our clients and partners with informative data about the pandemic.

Our medical doctors, epidemiologists, actuaries and data scientists are tracking and analyzing all available information. In early April, we created a new app, based on data made available by the Johns Hopkins University, that complements their geographical analysis by focusing on the virus’s trends.

With a country-specific focus at different time scales, the app provides insights on possible short-term evolutions using suggested models.

In line with our Call for Action and our desire to spread knowledge about COVID-19, we have made this app available to the public. This was made possible thanks to our Data Analytics Solution Platform


Modeling future developments of the epidemic

Dedicated experts from within our Knowledge Community have focused their various skills on improving our knowledge of the disease and its spread. For example, our epidemiologists and medical doctors joined forces with actuaries and data scientists to create the SEIR (Susceptible Exposed Infectious Removed) model, which is adjusted at country/state level. After calibration, the model is used internally for impact measurement and pricing adjustments, and is also proposed to our clients through a dynamic and ready-to-use app.

Our Knowledge Community built this full epidemiological model from scratch, and regularly updates its medical and biometric parameters at country level. It was wrapped into a user-friendly and shareable app by our data analytics team.

Our business-facing teams have now been fully trained to ensure comprehensive use of the model, while leveraging their knowledge of the local specificities involved. They have also shared the tool with clients via dedicated webinars.

COVID-19 Risk factors, sequalae and indirect effects

SCOR provides an overview of the latest medical studies to keep in mind when adapting medical underwriting to our COVID-19 environment.

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