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E.g., 12/15/19
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In the mood for AI

Technology is transforming the way people live, work and play as well as their expectations. It is also transforming the life and health insurance sector, with insurers exploring how they can deploy technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) within their operations.

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Leveraging technology and data to improve security and services

At the 2019 SCOR Annual Conference, Sylvain Gauden, Chief Underwriting Officer for Marine and Energy at SCOR Global P&C, led a panel that explored how industries leverage technology and data – including blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence and predictive models – to better monitor their supply chains and improve security and services. Panel members included Francoise Carli of SICMEC;...

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Facing the changing risk universe

At the 2019 SCOR Annual Conference, Daniel Theben and Henry Bovy led an interactive discussion on the expanding risk universe – and what it means for the (re)insurance industry. The challenge for insurers is to manage the downsides of existing and new emerging risk while seizing opportunities to provide new solutions and support for their clients. This requires (re)insurers to pro-actively...

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Prevention is better than cure

A proactive approach to health management enables an individual to manage, postpone and even prevent some medical conditions.

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SCOR issues a new contingent capital facility

SCOR announces the launch of a new 3-year contingent capital facility. This takes the form of a contingent equity line, providing the Group with EUR 300 million coverage in case of extreme natural catastrophe or life events impacting mortality.

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The comorbidity between HIV and cancer is proven - cancer can grow by invading the host’s immune defenses and benefiting from a loss of immunological control. Thanks to treatments, people living with HIV are living longer, but HIV seems to accelerate the ageing process, with a high incidence of cancer in HIV-carrying patients.

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Reinsurance tools to support the resilience of economies and communities

In this blog, Vincent Foucart and Eric Le Mercier discuss the role of reinsurance in helping to build resilience in economies and communities around the world. They look at the “insurance protection gap” – the difference between economic losses in disaster-stricken countries, and what is effectively covered by insurance. And they examine ways of helping to bridge this gap.

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Taking the pulse of consumer health

Life insurers share a common interest with their customers, to drive changes in habits that will lead to a healthier lifestyle.