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E.g., 07/17/18
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Environmental economics: designing policies and tools to address the risks of climate change

In the video interview below, Thomas Sterner, Professor of Environmental Economics at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, explores the risks associated with climate change and the uncertainty surrounding their quantification. He goes on to discuss the most efficient tools to mitigate those risks from the perspective of policymakers, corporates and the (re)insurance industry.

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Health Impacts of Air Pollution

The SCOR Paper “Health Impacts of Air Pollution” addresses the impacts of air pollution on human health, and its consequences on the (re)insurance industry.

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The growing medical issues arising from the global obesity epidemic, the serious impact on the human body, and the potential consequences on personal insurance are addressed by SCOR Life experts Dr. Christine Abalain-Castela, Dr. Stephan Becher, Dr. Jacques-Louis Boucher, Delphine Labojka and Aja O’Gorman in this new inFORM publication.

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Using a satellite index to protect Ethiopian pastoralists

SCOR is pleased to support the launch of the Satellite Index Insurance for Pastoralists in Ethiopia. This insurance product uses state of the art technology to help build drought resilience in poor pastoralist households.

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The SCOR Corporate Foundation for Science co-organize an international conference on Emerging Infections & Pandemic Risk with the Institut Pasteur

On June 21 and 22, 2018, an international conference on Emerging Infections and Pandemic Risk, co-organized by the Institut Pasteur and the SCOR Foundation for Science, will bring some of the world’s leading scientists and public health professionals together at the Institut Pasteur (Paris) to examine the emergence and spread of epidemics, and to look at new tools and technologies that can be...