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E.g., 10/23/17
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In his presentation “Political risks, last option: the rise of fragile states, irregular conflict and non-state actors”, Kade Spears, Head of Specialty at The Channel Syndicate, highlighted the main characteristics of failed states.

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Modeling Behavior at Post-Level Term

The latest issue of SCORViews, the newsletter of SCOR Global Life in the Americas, features articles written by senior managers and analysts who examine emerging trends and important tactical issues in the life insurance industry. This October 2017 publication focuses on better understanding the correlation between mortality, lapse and consumer behavior

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SCOR Conference 2017 – Agriculture risk

In his keynote presentation, “Agriculture/Food (re)insurance solutions using applied science and new technology”, René Kunz, Chief Underwriting Officer Agriculture at SCOR Global P&C, described how modern tools are transforming the agriculture (re)insurance sector and widening the risks that can be covered.

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SCOR Conference 2017 - Pushing the edges of risk awareness and insurance

On September 28 and 29, the 10th SCOR Annual Conference welcomed senior managers, CEOs, CFOs, CROs, reinsurance buyers and insurance senior executives from all over the world to discuss the role played by the (re)insurance industry in terms of covering the mounting risks affecting societies and governments.