SCOR supports actuarial science by presenting Actuarial Awards in six countries in 2023

2022 SCOR actuarial prize

Each year since 1996, SCOR has rewarded the best research in the field of actuarial science with prizes in several countries.

These prizes are designed to promote the development of actuarial science, to encourage research in this field, and to contribute to the improvement of risk knowledge and management. The SCOR Actuarial Awards are recognized in the insurance and reinsurance industries as a mark of excellence. The Actuarial Awards in France are supported by the SCOR Corporate Foundation for Science, chaired by André Lévy-Lang.

The SCOR Actuarial Awards juries are composed of internationally recognized researchers and insurance, reinsurance and finance professionals. The winners are selected for their command of actuarial concepts, the quality of their analytical methods, and the originality of their research in terms of scientific advances and potential practical applications to the world of risk management.

In 2023, SCOR presented Actuarial Awards in six countries: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

If you would like to submit your research for the 2024 Actuarial Awards, please visit Actuarial Awards | SCOR to learn more.


Thierry Léger, Chief Executive Officer of SCOR, comments: “As the risk landscape continues to change ever more rapidly, the ongoing development of risk knowledge and management is crucial for the (re)insurance industry, and I would like to thank all our winners this year for their valuable and insightful work. These awards, which have been rewarding actuarial research for more than 25 years, clearly demonstrate SCOR’s long-term commitment to pushing back the frontiers of insurability in order to contribute to the welfare and resilience of society.”



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