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Na Jia - ReMark's CEO Interview

With 35 years of experience in the insurance industry, ReMark International is SCOR’s Insuretech solutions provider. Watch Na Jia, ReMark’s CEO, explain how they aspire to become the leading #Insuretech provider. #InsideSCOR #insurtech

Jose Luis de Augusto


André Chieng - SCOR Annual Conference 2019

The Sino-American relationship: How it will affect us all

Breast cancer - SCOR Global Life

Breast cancer is considered to be the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women worldwide. Watch SCOR’s Global Life animated story to see how factors such as family genes, environment, diet and physical activity come into play when assessing breast cancer risks.

Nancy Tian, Chief Finance Accountant at SCOR, Beijing Branch


Lv Liu, C-ROSS and Investment Manager at SCOR, Beijing Branch


Cassandra Chan, Technical Accountant at SCOR Global P&C, Beijing Branch.


Olivier Gay, Deputy Financial Officer at SCOR


Mark Kociancic - SCOR Q3 2019 Results

SCOR has released its results for the first nine months of 2019: In spite of a third quarter marked by a series of natural catastrophes and man-made losses, SCOR has delivered a solid performance for the first nine months of 2019. Watch Group’s Chief Financial Officer Mark Kociancic, talks about SCOR’s Q3 2019 Results. #InsideSCOR

Maura Haynes, Senior Casualty Underwriter at SCOR Global P&C


#InsideSCOR: Women in Tech

Stereotypes surrounding the types of roles available in the tech industry has added to the steady decline of women entering the tech workforce. Inspiring women to thrive in tech is key to closing the gender gap. Hear from Maria Vlad, Sandrine Allouche, Inken Hoeijmans and Safaa Bourass on their paths.

Maxine Verne - SCOR's Inside Story

Welcome to this new episode of SCOR’s Inside Story, focusing on Women in Leadership.Today we are pleased to welcome Maxine Verne, SCOR’s America’s Hub General Counsel and Corporate Secretary in the New York office. Maxine has been at SCOR for 39 years and she let us in on the evolutions that SCOR and the reinsurance market have had to face.

Frieder Knüpling - Quantum Leap

Risk the raw material of our business. Over the course of our new strategic plan, SCOR will harness new modelling tools and technologies to both anticipate future threats and to push back the frontiers of insurance. Chief Risk Officer Frieder Knüpling discusses the SCOR’s Enterprise Risk Management. #InsideSCOR

Romain Launay - Quantum Leap

Central to SCOR’s new strategic plan, Quantum Leap, is profound transformation. SCOR will be investing EUR 250M in developing and deploying technological solutions to expand our offering and increase our efficiency. Chief Operating Officer Romain Launay talks about SCOR’s path to innovation.

Leonid Rousniak - Introduction to parametric solutions

Parametric (Re)insurance is a strategic tool for the mitigation of natural catastrophe and weather risk. Read the publication :

François de Varenne & Michèle Lacroix - Quantum Leap

SCOR Global Investments is committed to acting as a sustainable investor to better manage risks and generate superior long-term returns. Watch François de Varenne, SCOR’s Global Investments CEO and Michele Lacroix, Head of Group Investments Office, talk about how the Group reaffirms its commitment to applying ESG criteria in the management of its financial assets.

Paolo De Martin & Brona Magee - Quantum Leap