Combining the Art and Science of Risk to protect societies


Climate Change - IR Day 2020


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The BOOST Project


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Global Consumer Study trailer - ReMark and SCOR


SCOR - #ResilientTogether

Resilience embodies and defines our industry.
For 50 years, our resilience has been contributing to the protection and welfare of millions of people around the world.
For 50 years, our resilience has meant your resilience.

#SCORRendezVous - Jean-Paul Conoscente


Laurent Rousseau - Message to SCOR's clients and partners


#WalkingTheTalk #1 - Michèle Lacroix


DART - Digital Automatic Routing Tool

Digital technologies are changing the face of insurance, from the way it’s designed to the way it’s delivered. By grasping the immense opportunities offered by technology, #DART (Digital Automatic Routing Tool) is optimizing efficiency and unlocking value to respond to evolving needs.

Heather McKay, Senior Legal Counsel at SCOR


SCOR 2020 Q1 Results


SCOR - Our word is our bond

For the past 50 years, our purpose has been to make this world safer, more livable, and ultimately more resilient. Past, present and future, our word is our bond. #ResilientTogether #InsideSCOR

Céline Louvet - 2019 SCOR's Annual Results

"While SCOR relies on advanced technology to protect people and societies around the world, it is the expertise and excellence of our teams that enable us to succeed. This is why our employees are the heart of our organization."

Claire Le Gall Robinson - 2019 SCOR's Annual Results

"Sustainable development is an integral part of the Group’s values and mission. As a global reinsurer, SCOR's aim is to contribute to the welfare and resilience of Society, by helping to protect insureds against the risks they face."

Romain Launay - 2019 SCOR's Annual Results

"With our strategic plan “Quantum Leap”, we have committed to a profound transformation. We are investing more than 250 million euros in the deployment of an ambitious roadmap of new solutions in order to innovate, expand our offering and increase our efficiency."

Frieder Knüpling - 2019 SCOR's Annual Results

"SCOR’s ERM framework has evolved over the last 50 years to enable the company to withstand an array of extreme events and thanks to this, SCOR has been able to fulfill its role of contributing to economic stability through protecting society against disasters."

François de Varenne - 2019 SCOR's Annual Results

"In 2019, we successfully concluded the “Vision in Action” strategic plan, delivering on all our objectives. We also released our roadmap for the current plan, “Quantum Leap”. In this highly uncertain economic and financial environment, SCOR Global Investments will focus on delivering a strong and recurring financial contribution. Meanwhile, we are deeply convinced that being a sustainable investor will help us to better manage risks and generate superior long-term returns. We have put sustainability at the heart of our investment strategy."