Combining the Art and Science of Risk to protect societies


60 Seconds on... The Refinery of the future - Michel Krenzer


60 seconds on... Trade Credit Insurance - Tobias Povel


SCOR x Act 4 Nature

Biodiversity loss threatens the health of the planet and has the potential to greatly disrupt society. Furthering our commitments to the preservation of biodiversity, SCOR has joined the Act4Nature International Initiative.

Laurent Rousseau - Financi'elles


Building for impact #1 - SCOR and the African Risk Capacity (ARC)

There are many challenges in Africa inhibiting the implementation and development of resilient agriculture insurance programs. Natural catastrophes such as drought are increasingly prevalent, adversely impacting farming communities and particularly smallholder farmers in Africa.

Agriculture is by far the single most important economic activity in Africa. It provides employment for around two-thirds of the continent’s working population and for each country contributes up to 60% of GDP and makes up around 30% of the value of exports.

In this video, our reporter interviews Swapnil Soni and Lesley Ndlovu, our partner the African Risk Capacity.

J.C. Brueckner and David Levenson - Executive Leadership Series


Laurent Rousseau - First Nine Months 2021 results


The dance company CORALI - SCOR London office’s RAISE D&I grant

The dance company Corali empowers people with a learning disability through dance, creativity and performance. We are extremely proud to support Corali as part of our London office’s RAISE D&I grant for projects promoting social progress and equity.



SCOR for Good - Association MaMaMa


Claire Oppert - SCOR Live Review


Bill Rooney - Health / Pandemics - SCOR Live Review

What the HIV outbreak pandemic taught me about Covid by Bill Rooney, VP Medical Director at SCOR.

Gillian Anderson & Sebastien Héon - Tech / Cyber risks - SCOR Live Review

Anatomy of a Cyber Attack by Gillian Anderson, Head of Technology and Cyber Insurance & Sébastien Héon, Deputy Chief Underwriting Officer - Cyber Solutions at SCOR

Laurent Rousseau - Opening Remarks - SCOR Live Review

Expect the Unexpected By Laurent Rousseau, CEO of SCOR.

Marie Laure Fandeur - Environment / Extreme weather - SCOR Live Review

The rainfall equation by Marie-Laure Fandeur, Head of Cat Pricing at SCOR.

Rene Kunz - Asia / Agriculture - SCOR Live Review

A yak business by Rene Kunz, Chief Underwriting Officer Agriculture at SCOR.

Sylvain Gauden - Transport / Supply chain risk - SCOR Live Review

The Unthinkable Suez Canal Blockage by Sylvain Gauden, Chief Underwriting Officer Marine and Energy at SCOR.

Yves Ubelmann - Culture - SCOR Live Review

Political instability and Humanity’s Heritage by Yves Ubelmann, Architect and Founder at ICONEM.