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SCOR Sweden Re
SCOR Sweden Re is the leading life reinsurer in the Nordic region which, besides traditional reinsurance provides financial and solvency-related solutions. Our offerings are always tailored to the customer's unique needs.
With more than a century of experience and with our broad and solid knowledge of the industry, SCOR Sweden Re provides the Nordic market professional competence as well as flexible insurance solutions. Being a customer, one takes part of this expertise; ranging from help in developing competitive products to getting support in making both accurate medical assessments and competitive business decisions.
In a changing world, with regulations constantly evolving and volatile markets, we face new and more complex challenges every day. We however see opportunities in these changes and through our expertise and innovation, we are your reliable partner.
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We are a Nordic representative of one of the world's largest reinsurers and a part of a global organization with local presence worldwide.
SCOR Sweden Re Solutions

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Medical Risk Assessment

SCOR Sweden Re has since the very beginning focused on building and strengthening a center of excellence for medical assessments. We are also the market leader with our two web-based risk assessment manuals SOLEM and PRIO. Our medical underwriters possesses a high level of expertise in the area and work closely with our customers ranging from risk assessment decisions, design terms & conditions and optimization of risk assessment processes.

For customers looking for a complete digital underwriting process, we offer a dynamic tool that combined with a health declaration, enables to underwrite online at the point of sale.


Actuary and Economy

At SCOR Sweden Re, we believe it is useful to be able to relieve our customers even on actuarial matters. With our actuaries broad and deep expertise we help and support our customers in everything from pricing and reserving to develop a basis for reporting regarding, inter alia, solvency and embedded value.


Digital Solutions

To cooperate with SCOR Sweden Re is simple. We offer efficient, flexible and secure online solutions for management of reinsurance programs. Through our Customer Portal, our customers can send files of portfolios and claims, completely unedited and in return get complete accounting data tailored for their needs.

For an efficient and secure communication of, inter alia, risk assessment and claims the Customer Portal also gives the opportunity for a two-way communication where customers can send both sensitive personal data and financial information quickly and safely. Here the customer can also see the status of each case and get a complete report from our medical underwriters when supportive decision have been made.

We are constantly working to simplify and meet the needs of our customers.


Knowledge Sharing

We arrange trainings, seminars and exclusive workshops within current topics, often together with experts, specialists and scientists.


Svein Børre SOLVANG


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Torbjörn ÖRNSTIG

Head of Pricing & Underwriting

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Chief Actuary 

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Katarina WAHLDEN
Katarina WAHLDEN

Key Account Manager

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Head of Marketing, Clients & Sales 

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Chief Medical Underwriter 

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Kerstin KARNOT
Kerstin KARNOT

Operational Manager
UW Department

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Senior Technical Accounting

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