Specialty Insurance Solutions at Lloyd's

About the SCOR Syndicate  

SCOR established the Lloyd’s Syndicate 2015 to underwrite specialist insurance products.

The SCOR Syndicate leverages SCOR’s expertise and network in a number of areas, benefiting from its capacity and its global ability to offer specialist products to the customer base. From its strong specialty base, the Syndicate takes leading positions, reflecting the strength of its capital backing. It enables the Specialty Insurance business to broaden its distribution capabilities using the Lloyd’s rated syndicate and its service company.

A principally direct, specialty insurance business, the Syndicate operates in the open market and through Portfolio-Coverholders. The SCOR Syndicate’s steady growth has been based on a combination of organic growth, with the steady addition of specialist products with a view to profit through disciplined underwriting, pricing built on superior data analytics for its brokers and clients.




Our Cyber team holds a key market position in both the Cyber and Technology Errors & Omissions spaces. The team has a unique background of Underwriting, Broking and Claims across the Technology and Cyber industries.

The team works to maintain high levels of service to our clients and offers a flexible approach to underwriting across a variety of industry sectors.

The technology and risk landscapes are changing rapidly, so we work closely with providers and listen to our clients’ changing needs to offer the best possible solutions to our assureds.

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We are a market lead in Environmental Liability insurance, building on SCOR's financial strength rating and on Lloyd's financial strength rating & trading history to provide optimal capital relief for our clients.

Our underwriting team provides a full suite of specialist insurance products designed to protect businesses and their directors and officers against existing and emerging environmental risks and liabilities. Our products are tailored to the specific exposures associated with industrial and commercial operations, mergers and acquisitions, construction projects, property developments, transactions and investments, and lending.

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SCOR Syndicate is a respected market leader in the Fine Art and Specie insurance sector, built on both SCOR's and Lloyd’s financial strength. Lloyd’s has historically been the worldwide centre of excellence for this sector and is a leading innovator of insurance products for Fine Art and Specie risks.

The word Specie, meaning coin or valuables, derives from old English and in the nascent Marine Market of Lloyd’s 300 years ago, travellers on ships trading across the Empire would insure their “Specie” in the Lloyd’s Marine Market.

The Fine Art client base includes, but is not limited to, international museums situated anywhere in the world, Blockbuster traveling exhibitions, Private Collections valued at hundreds of millions of dollars, down to very personal individual items such as engagement rings and musical instruments.

In addition to Fine Art and personal jewellery risks underwritten within the division, we also cover General Specie risks such as precious metals and jewellery in bank vaults, Excess SPIC Risks, and a portfolio of luxury chains of jewellers. 

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With over a decade and a half of experience in the sector and knowledge across Underwriting, Claims Management & Actuarial, the Legal Expenses team aims to bring an innovative and analytical approach to helping clients solve business problems. Our focus is on positive engagement with our business partners to create effective solutions.

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Within the team, we have extensive experience in the insurance, banking and ratings agency sectors, providing our clients with expert and comprehensive coverage across the Political and Credit Risk spectrum, with top-tier line size and tenor capabilities.

The Syndicate Political and Credit Risk team uses multiple information service providers to align our knowledge base with our clients. This applies across various areas, from shadow rating methodology, to aircraft and shipping asset valuations, and finally, political risk consultants with capabilities on the ground across the globe.

The Political and Credit Risk client base includes, Banks, Multilateral Institutions and Export Credit Agencies, Traders and Corporates.

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The Single Risk Property Division encompasses International Property and US D&F. The Division trades with clients from more than 60 countries, building and maintaining long term relationships with risk managed large entities and single location accounts by providing bespoke insurance products.

Our Underwriters have developed a book of business with a high renewal retention rate.

Single Risk Property Coverage

All Risks Property

Difference in Conditions [DIC] for catastrophe perils e.g. flood or earthquake

Industry Appetite

Large Commercial / Industrial and Small Commercial / Industrial

Sector Appetite

  • Real Estate
  • Municipalities
  • School Boards
  • Light manufacturing
  • Hotels
  • Shopping Malls
  • Telecommunications
  • Airports
  • Railroads
  • Food Agri


The Global Property Portfolio team writes a wide range of property facilities through carefully selected coverholder binding authorities. Our local coverholder relationships enable us to efficiently provide capacity for risks that would not otherwise be placed within the Lloyd’s market. The account has a broad geographical profile with a diverse spread of occupations and trades.

The team we’ve assembled have many years' experience of portfolio management which has allowed us to be regarded as an acknowledged market leading team.

General Portfolio Facilities

Commercial and homeowners’ property business - All Risks or Peril Specific.

Property Financial / Vacant

Encompass lender-placed hazard, flood, Real Estate Owned and mortgage impairment coverages. Such insurances safeguard the financial interests of lending institutions and investors in properties they own or in which they have an insurable interest.
Unoccupied and Vacant properties schemes are a specialism and varied levels of cover are available.


Cover is offered on either a primary, excess of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or full value basis.

Wind Deductible Buyback

Cover offered cover for both inland and coastal exposures, and we have the flexibility to offer either ‘Named Wind’ only or all wind and hail. This coverage can be either purchased at a flat USD amount or to a percentage.

Niche/ Affinity

We are able to offer bespoke coverages which require specific tailored solutions to either individual customers or buying groups.

Delegated Response Services

Coverholders are fully supported by Syndicate's Delegated Authority Management Team who are able to provide customers with high quality analytics, administration, portals, claims support and the use of our Service Company.


The standalone Terrorism & Political Violence team offers insurance products to protect property and business from episodes of political violence that can cause damage and bring financial losses, severely impacting business or operational activity.

Typical Events

Actors who seek to influence a political outcome through the use of force or by threatening the use of force or violence, may have property damage as a direct objective, such as those who would detonate bombs or vandalise property, just as they may at other times have different objectives that result in collateral property damage.

A property may be deliberately targeted or selected opportunistically and sometimes it’s the security response to an ongoing situation that can result in damage to property.

Protection & Cover

We provide Terrorism and Political Violence coverage including the named perils of Terrorism, Sabotage, Strikes, Riots, Civil Commotion, Forced Abandonment, Civil War, Revolution and War.

Covers are offered on a Physical Damage /Business Interruption basis with capacity available also for Terrorism Third Party Liability Cover.

Risk Appetite

The territorial appetite of the team is worldwide, with particular focus on the regional markets of Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

We look at all industries and have particular expertise in multinational property programs and specialty property businesses.




marie biggas

Marie Biggas is Active Underwriter of SCOR Syndicate and Chief Underwriting Officer of SCOR UK. Before joining SCOR in 2022, she was Vice President, Deputy Active Underwriter for Arch Syndicate 2012, and Head of Terrorism, Aviation, War and Space for Arch Insurance International. Prior to joining Arch in 2014, she held several underwriting positions at ACE Group, Chaucer Syndicates, and Amlin, and has 14 years of experience in the insurance industry. Marie is a Chartered Insurer and Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from Roskilde University and an MA in Political Communications from Goldsmiths University.



The SCOR Syndicate 2015 is managed at Lloyd's by the SCOR Managing Agency Limited, which is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

The SCOR Managing Agency Limited, 10 Lime Street, London EC3M 7AA.
Registered in England and Wales, Company Number: 08614385. 

The SCOR Syndicate can be found at Box 213 & 213A on Gallery 2 at Lloyd's.