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In today’s world, all industries are facing the same trend: consumers need and like to be engaged. The insurance industry is no exception. Making consumers responsible for their own health and adapting insurance products to individual behavior is a game changer in terms of insurance consumption. 

Today’s consumers are health conscious, technology savvy, and want the freedom to choose. At SCOR, we are passionate about developing solutions that leverage big data and meet the needs of the next generation of consumers.


SCOR develops solutions engaging the end consumer to live healthier lives

We have developed several solutions using this data, for example SCOR's Biological Age Model and Feel, as described below:

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The SCOR Biological Age Model
Using Wearable Data to Empower Healthier Lives

SCOR partners with companies that have a similar purpose


Feel: the innovative mental health program

Feel is a holistic mental health program that combines technology and science to improve people’s emotional state. The first program to use objective data, it delivers mental health support to people when they need it most. Feel is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and is designed to help customers cope with stress and prevent them from becoming disabled by it.

The program has four components:

  • the Feel Emotion Sensor, an emotion tracking wearable device that detects and quantifies a person’s emotional changes; 
  • the Feel Mobile App which responds to those changes and deploys real-time interventions;
  • weekly online sessions with an assigned licensed psychotherapist; 
  • access to an online library of tools and individual exercises. 

The Feel program enables insurance companies not just to act as a reliable partner in the event of a claim, but also to offer preventive solutions.