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Insurance providers around the world are facing increasing challenges. These challenges are creating opportunities to bring more protection to more people. At SCOR, we offer the entire spectrum of core services, from traditional reinsurance solutions to innovative forms of risk transfer. All of which are refined and tailored to our clients’ needs.



These products and services are designed to decrease major mortality or lapse risks associated with Life insurance. 
They include:

  • Group cover, providing protection to employees
  • Individual cover, providing the necessary protection to ensure financial indemnity in the event of death from any cause. This protection includes Credit Life, Mortgage protection, Family protection, Keyman, Business cover and Funeral expenses



SCOR offers an extensive range of Disability products to meet our clients’ needs: short- and long-term disability income, total and permanent disability (TPD), Accidental Partial Disability Income, Lump-Sum Disability Income, Loss of License for sport professionals as well as special risks covering both personal and business needs. 

In Germany, SCOR Life & Health and the start-up Sentio Solutions Inc. have developed a holistic mental health program, Feel. The Feel program combines technology and science to improve people’s emotional state. The first program to use objective data, Feel delivers mental health support to people when they need it most. 


Critical Illness (CI), also called Trauma Cover

As part of our aim to reduce the protection gap, we increasingly collaborate with our clients to co-develop a vast range of Critical Illness solutions. These solutions are designed to protect people’s financial integrity in the event of serious illness such as cancer, heart attack or stroke, though different product offerings: 

  • Lump sum payment 
  • Early stage payment 
  • Severity-based benefits

We offer an extensive range of critical illness (CI) products: Accelerated CI, Multi-Pay CI, Staged CI, Group CI, Cancer-Specific CI, Disease-Specific CI, Juvenile CI, Affinity CI, and Simplified Issue CI.

In Hong Kong, SCOR Life & Health has worked with a large insurer to develop a first-in-market cancer protection plan specifically tailored to cancer survivors. It offers a 100% lump sum payment on the diagnosis of a new or recurring cancer, providing cancer survivors with the financial security they and their families need. Holistic homecare services are also provided as part of the plan to support in-home recovery.

Long Term Care (LTC)

With more than 30 years of experience in LTC, and recognized LTC experts, SCOR is an industry benchmark for LTC solutions, providing its clients with optimal advice on the development of products for partial or total Long-Term Care.

The SCOR LTC team supports clients over their entire value chain, from product design, underwriting, risk modeling, pricing and reserving to risk monitoring.

Medical Expenses (Medex)

SCOR provides expertise in all aspects of product development to protect consumers from shortfalls in healthcare costs. “Medex” products are adapted locally, depending on the regulations of the country concerned, and the type of health care provided.

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