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The world is currently in the early stages of an energy revolution, with widescale conversion to carbon-free power generation in transport, manufacturing, commercial and domestic consumption. Insurance solutions are required to enable development of future technologies & infrastructure and to guarantee that the long-term financing of / investment in such development continues.

SCOR is actively positioning itself to be a key partner to the wide variety stakeholders in this fast changing / evolving energy landscape by offering risk management and risk transfer mechanisms for now and in the future.

The PowerGen team is composed of specialized underwriters with Industry backgrounds sharing common practices and knowledge spread across the world (London and Continental Europe, Asia Pacific, North and Latin America).

We have a broad underwriting appetite but cast within a consistent and well-defined framework, with the aim of understanding our clients' requirements in a dynamic and changing industry landscape.

Physical Damage & Business interruption coverage is offered across a broad range of generation technologies, with a growing emphasis on renewables both onshore and offshore. We have developed a CSR approach to coal-fired power generation, with a gradual and pragmatic disengagement in line with our growing renewables strategy and new energy transition journey.


Risk appetite

Comprehensive appetite across the entire electrical production and supply industry. Appetite for most conventional power generation technologies, Thermal Power, Simple and Combined Cycle Gas Turbine technologies, Geothermal, Hydro and Renewables (Solar & Wind) where cross class packages are available (Onshore, Offshore, Construction)


Client profiles

National, International & Municipal Utility Companies, Independent Power Producers, Infrastructure Investment Fund’s Asset Holdings, Network Risks & DER (Distributed Energy Resources).

Participation preferably on a quota share basis for Risk Managed Accounts.



Ability to provide direct insurance through SCOR licenced entities, including EU, UK and USA and reinsurance on a worldwide basis.


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david phippDavid Phipp is the Power Segment Global Leader coordinating strategy and philosophy across the power sector. David Joined SCOR in 2014 as Senior Underwriter for London Market Operational Power Generation business. David has been an Underwriter for almost 25 years in both London & Singapore, where he has developed Power Generation & Heavy Industrial Risk portfolios in both the Lloyd's and Company Markets. David also has extensive Construction experience and held and advisory role with Nuclear Risk Insurers (UK Nuclear Pool) for nuclear construction and decommission projects. Prior to joining the underwriting world David had ten years’ experience in both seagoing and machinery surveying roles. David is a Chartered Marine (Mechanical) Engineer and holds a Diploma in Business Administration from Lancaster University Business School.